Selling the Underwear through Some Sites that Sell such Wares


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Selling your used underwear needs some imagination and lot of determination to become successful in your endeavor. The art of selling something that is very personal to you needs some wisdom and you must also be discreet about your identity. There are sites that will allow you to become a member there for a registration fee. They welcome the buyers and sellers for such deals. Once you register as a seller, you will have all the control of the chat window and the right to upload your pictures in your panties that you are trying to sell. You can also try to use the imagination and take pictures with the features in a blur and then start selling these panties.

People of different types as buyers

You will find that selling the panties individually will give you more juice than selling them in a box of 3 or more panties together. There are people who would like to get the feel of the used panties and the smell of your body in them. You can pack these panties in a zip lock back that is mostly used in your fridge and then pack them to sell used panties. When the site puts up ads, they may ask for your picture or the picture of the panties for the ads.

You must think about which picture would be more alluring for the customers. Never entertain the customers’ demand of ‘meeting out over coffee’ or the usual tag line – to send a picture of yours using the good that you are trying to sell.

Selling the Underwear through Some Sites that Sell such Wares

People and their urge to buy the panties

You will find the fetish of women and their underwear that was near to the real skin can give excitement to many. These people are the ones that try to buy such objects from you. They come online and would often chat with you through the chat room of the site. You sell used panties to earn a few dollars more and for than you can chat for some time with your customers. Never give your real name or the area that you are staying in. The buyers can be all types of people and you do not want to spend your time trying to ward off people who are just customers for your goods. Find some good site that will help you sell the panties without putting up a lot of information about you and soon you may find that you are saving some more for that vacation by selling the under wears that you have used 3-4 times before selling them off.